Our Process

We focus on providing “Goal-Driven Investment Guidance”.  By following a carefully orchestrated consultative process, ABLE Financial Group can help ensure that financial decisions on your behalf are consistent with delivering outcomes that are important to you.  The group’s process involves the following steps:

Step 1: Understanding Your Goals

The investment process begins with a comprehensive profile of your present financial resources, liabilities and investment objectives.  This profile serves as a road map of your goals and risk tolerance, and the basis for subsequent investment recommendations.

Step 2: Developing Your Plan

We will work with you and your other professional advisors to develop an investment strategy specific to your goals and investment objectives.  Using sophisticated software, we are able to help answer the questions, “Am I on track?”, “How am I doing?”, and “How much more can I spend in retirement and not outlive my money?”  Investment recommendations are based on preservation of principal first and growth of capital second. Recommendations are prepared with a perspective of changing only the areas where there may be an opportunity for potential improvement. 

Step 3: Implementing Your Customized Plan*

It is imperative that you understand your customized investment strategy and are comfortable with all aspects of the plan.  Once you approve your plan, the ABLE Financial Group will fully implement your investment strategy.  ABLE Financial Group is primarily a fee-based advisory practice whose independence provides them freedom from commission-based sales and proprietary products. Discretion of the investment management of your portfolio is available when appropriate.

Step 4: Monitoring Your Progress (for Advisory Clients Only)

ABLE Financial Group is committed to open-communication with you. Our communication helps to maintain a deep understanding of your financial goals.  The group will review your plan to evaluate current investments in relation to your original goals and any new objectives you may have.


*Fee-based advisory services are not suitable for all investors.